Title: Dominant Golden Gophers Defeat Bethel University Royals 9-2


The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers put on an impressive display of skill and dominance as they defeated the Bethel University Royals with a resounding 9-2 victory. The game, held at the 3M Arena at Mariucci on Saturday, December 2, showcased the Golden Gophers’ offensive prowess and solid goaltending. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling matchup.

Game Recap:

From the very beginning, it was evident that the Golden Gophers meant business. They unleashed a relentless offensive attack, bombarding the Royals’ net with an astounding 66 shots throughout the game. This offensive onslaught resulted in an impressive nine goals for the home team.

The Royals, although outmatched, put up a valiant effort, managing to fire 29 shots on goal. However, the stellar performance of Golden Gophers’ goaltender Cecil Meredith, who made 27 saves, proved to be a significant obstacle for the Royals’ offense.

Key Performances:

Tyler Bishop, wearing the number 14 jersey for the Golden Gophers, was the standout player of the game. Bishop’s offensive prowess was on full display as he netted two goals, demonstrating his scoring ability and contributing to the team’s dominant performance.

Elias Studier, donning the number 17 for the Royals, managed to find the back of the net, showcasing his skill amidst the Golden Gophers’ strong defense. Studier’s goal was a testament to the Royals’ determination, even in the face of a formidable opponent.

Powerplay Battle:

Both teams had their fair share of opportunities on the powerplay. The Royals capitalized on two of their five powerplay chances, showing their ability to convert when given the advantage. On the other hand, the Golden Gophers managed to convert only one of their six powerplay opportunities. However, it did not hinder their overall performance, as their offensive prowess was evident throughout the game.

Looking Ahead:

The Golden Gophers’ next challenge will be against the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire on Wednesday, December 6. With their confidence at an all-time high after this dominant win, the team will be aiming to carry their momentum forward and continue their winning streak.


The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers showcased their offensive firepower and solid goaltending in a commanding 9-2 victory over the Bethel University Royals. With standout performances from players like Tyler Bishop and impressive goaltending by Cecil Meredith, the Golden Gophers proved why they are a force to be reckoned with in the ACHA. As they look ahead to their next game, the team will be seeking to build on this success and continue their winning ways.